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Why Are My Tree Leaves Turning Brown in Marietta, GA?

Why are my tree leaves turning brown? Tree leaves naturally change color during the fall season with showy displays of natural beauty. However, if this happens out of season, and the leaves turn a sickly shade of brown, your trees may need some help.

In this post, Top Tier Trees’ tree removal experts in Marietta, GA, discuss why you may be seeing brown leaves on your trees.

Pests and Disease

Leaves provide shelter and food for many creatures outdoors, including pests. Most insects won’t affect your leaves, but certain varieties can cause serious damage and discoloration. Over time, leaves that experience insect damage will decay and wither.

Pests and animals may also spread disease, although not all pathogens require insects for transmission to your trees. For example, emerald cedar trees may even develop browning leaves thanks to animal urine. 

If you want to take a closer look, browning along the edge of leaves typically suggests pest or disease damage. Over-the-counter sprays may help eliminate insects or diseases, but professional tree care experts deal with these issues at the root. With a team like Top Tier Trees, you won't have to ask why the tree leaves are turning brown any time soon in Marietta, Georgia.

Sun Exposure

Some degree of sun exposure is ideal for trees and their leaf growth. Sunlight promotes healthy growth and coloration, but excessive sunlight causes leaf scorch or browning leaves due to intense sun exposure. Other factors that may turn leaves brown include the following:

  • Intense winds
  • Root damage
  • Improper fertilization
  • Insufficient water

Trees facing one or more of these problems will be especially vulnerable to browning leaves. Many trees like locations with only a moderate amount of sunlight. Why not transplant existing trees to a more suitable area of your Marietta property or place a screen protector to shield the tree?

Lack of Hydration

Why are my tree leaves turning brown? It could be a lack of proper hydration. Trees require regular watering to avoid nutrient deficiencies, especially during the first few months of their lives.

Young or transplanted trees warrant special attention. Consider using a garden hose to hydrate your trees each day. Busy Marietta homeowners that want to save time and effort might also consider installing an irrigation system to take the stress out of plant management.

However, be careful not to give your tree too much water. Believe it or not, overhydration can cause yellowing leaves or even kill a water-sensitive tree. If it's a drought-resistant species, you may need to take a break from watering if you notice yellow leaves so the tree can digest the extra water.

Transplant Issues

Many Georgia homeowners who want to optimize tree health will decide to transplant their trees to a more suitable location. But transplanted trees often struggle to adjust to a new environment and experience a range of problems—leaf wilt, leaf scorch, yellowing leaves, and, of course, browning leaves. It’s part of a phenomenon known as transplant shock.

Marietta tree care professionals are familiar with transplant projects, so consider relying on the experts when moving your tree. You will then need to provide a consistent amount of water to help the tree get used to its new environment.

Ice Damage or Something Else

Throughout the winter months in colder regions, frost and ice may cover trees to coat any remaining leaves. As temperatures rise and the ice thaws, a tree's leaves may turn brown. To protect your trees during the cold season, place a thin covering or wrap on the trees; old sheets or burlap sacks may help.

Intense cold isn’t that common during Georgia’s mild winters. Brown leaves in the summer suggest water damage or excessive sun exposure, but identifying the issue requires knowing which types of trees you have in your yard. For example, magnolia trees are especially vulnerable to frost damage, and other trees might struggle with fungus infections.

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Top Tier Trees shines as Marietta's finest tree experts, with each team member bringing a wealth of experience and professional training to their premium-grade services. Their experts understand how to identify a dead tree, craft the right soil conditions for a healthy tree, and more. Don’t hesitate to call their office for tree care services because when you work with them, you’re with family.

If you are asking, "Why are my tree leaves turning brown," or struggling with a tree problem, contact Top Tier Trees for help in Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas!

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