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What To Know Before Cutting a Leaning Tree on Your Marietta Property

It’s not unusual to discover a fallen or leaning tree on your property, especially after a severe storm. 

Carefully cutting a leaning tree can prevent it from falling onto your home and causing serious damage. Attempting your own tree removal, though, can be dangerous, especially if you have never tried it before.

The best way to avoid injury is to work with the tree removal experts in Marietta, GA, at Top Tier Trees. The team has over 75 years of combined experience in all things related to trees. No matter the size or condition of the tree, the Top Tier Trees team can provide safe removal.

Take Necessary Safety Precautions

It only takes a few minutes to make sure you stay safe. The bigger the tree, the more of a safety risk it poses as you cut it down. Always wear close-toed shoes and protective eyewear. Other safety gear that could prevent injury includes:

  • A hard hat in case the tree falls toward you unexpectedly
  • Long-sleeved pants and shirt to protect yourself from flying debris
  • Earplugs to dampen the loud sound of the chainsaw
  • Gloves to protect your hands and keep a firm grip on the chainsaw

Safety precautions also include choosing the right tools for the job. You need equipment that works with the size of the tree. 

Assess the tree to determine the appropriate tools for the project. If the tree is on the smaller side, you may just need an ax. For larger trees in Marietta, you need a chain saw that corresponds to the size of the trunk. 

If you choose a chainsaw that is too small for the tree, you could end up out there for hours, making little progress.

Chainsaws can weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. Holding a chainsaw over your head to make a cut could cause a catastrophic injury. If you don’t feel safe cutting a leaning tree yourself, you can always reach out to a professional arborist.

Survey the Situation

You never want to start cutting leaning trees without inspecting the entire area first. If the tree is close to your home, car, or other personal property, you want to do everything you can to prevent the tree from falling on it. Decide which way you want the tree to fall in order to avoid causing damage or serious injury.

Make Purposeful Cuts

Where and how you cut the tree makes a huge difference. The felling cut helps the tree fall in the direction you want. Cut at a 45-degree angle horizontally on the tree trunk. You should only cut about one-third of the thickness of the tree.

After the felling cut, go to the other side of the tree and make the back cut. This cut will go about halfway through the trunk — a little further than the felling cut. These two cuts may be all you need for the tree to fall, or you may need to make additional cuts.

Should You Remove the Stump?

Some homeowners choose to leave the stump, and others want to remove it. You have a couple of options for stump removal. 

The first is to dig it out. Depending on the age of the tree, digging out a stump could take much longer than expected. The roots can expand deep and wide, and you could end up destroying your yard in the process.

Stump grinding is a quicker and less invasive option. It removes the existing stump and part of the root system. After stump grinding, the remaining roots will slowly die off, reducing the chance of another tree growing in the area. 

No matter your choice for stump removal, a professional service has the training and tools to simplify the process and remove the stump without causing extra damage.

Reliable Tree Removal in Marietta

Before you attempt cutting a leaning tree on your property, take the time to put on safety gear. Assess the tree and make sure it can fall in a safe direction away from your home and other personal property. If you don’t feel safe removing the tree yourself, reach out to Top Tier Trees in Marietta, Georgia. The tree removal cost is well worth the peace of mind of knowing the tree won’t fall on your home or injure your family.

Do you need help cutting a leaning tree? Top Tier Trees is prepared to provide you with high-quality service. Consider reaching out to a reliable professional today to request more information.

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    • My favorite tree service crew! I rank Top Tier high for their safety and professionalism. Did removal & stump grinding last year, and called them again for tree service this year. David shared vital info about my trees. Chaz and Erin have been great to work with. The tree svc crews work very well together on site; a pleasure to watch. I'd call them again

      -Frank Maina, GA
    • Wow, great customer service, promptly returned my calls and had Erin, a sales and customer service representative out within 2 hours. I was very happy with the quote so we wanted to get started right away. Their was an opening in their schedule and had a crew at my house all before noon on Friday. Very fast and efficient, i could not be more pleased.

      - Robin Chitwood, GA
    • Outstanding & professional work! We had 7 trees removed & the crew did an excellent job from start to finish. They even trimmed a few branches that needed trimming. Clean-up was great. The crew introduced themselves & engaged with us throughout the job.

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