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What to Do with Wood Chips After Tree Removal: An Expert Guide

Removing old, diseased, or weather-damaged trees from your yard protects your property from severe damage. It also protects the rest of your landscape.  

However, after the tree comes down and the tree removal company has carted away the trunk, you’ll be left with a pile of wood chips. Ignoring the heap can leave the area looking unsightly. So, what should you do?

The most popular licensed and certified tree removal company in Marietta, GA discusses what to do with wood chips after tree removal.

Fill the Gap Left By the Removed Tree

Having a tree stump removed leaves a large crater in your landscaping. Most people fill the crater using soil. However, the wood chips provide an alternative. Instead of spending money on sand for the landscape, you can shovel the wood chips into the hole to fill it out.

You’ll save money, and the organic matter can enrich the soil around the stump ground.

Use as Mulch

Wood chips are excellent organic mulch. A three-inch layer of mulch around your landscape beds can help suppress weeds, improve moisture retention, and stabilize the soil temperature. These benefits give your flowers and shrubs the perfect environment to thrive.

If you’ve planted a new tree, using wood chips as mulch can increase the chances of the young tree establishing itself as it enjoys the ideal environment for growth. However, be sure to apply the mulch safely away from the tree’s roots to prevent rot.

Beyond the functional use of mulch, it also has aesthetic benefits. A neat layer of mulch across your landscape gives it a clean, well-manicured appearance.

Give Some Wood Chips Away to Your Neighbors

If your neighbors are as enthusiastic as you when it comes to landscape maintenance, you can ask them if they want some of the wood chips to use as mulch. Those in need will be more than happy to come to your yard with their vehicles to transport the mulch.

If you don’t have any neighbors who want to take the mulch, you can check any local parks, nurseries, or gardens. You may need to transport the wood chips yourself if you find any takers, though.

Save Up for Use at a Later Date

If you have the storage space, you should consider storing away the wood chips for use months or years later. This is one of the best approaches you can take if you’re at a loss on what to do with wood chips after tree removal. Basically, don’t do anything. Just store it.

It’s harder to source woodchips from local stores these days, so you’re better off keeping yours for when you might need them.  Pour the wood chips into a watertight bag and store them above ground to avoid mold growth due to moisture intrusion.

Create a Pathway Across Your Landscape

Have you been meaning to create a new pathway across your yard? You can create a trail with the wood chips to get a natural, rustic walkway. Line the edges of the path with some bricks and stones, and you have a defined look.

Use the Chips to Prevent Water Pooling and Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a common problem for many property owners. If you’ve noticed the signs of erosion around your flower bed, that’s a clear use case for your woodchips. Use as much of it as possible around the bed as a barrier. Over time, the woodchips will lock into the soil and keep it from moving.

It’s a temporary solution for soil erosion, but it works.  

Similarly, you can use wood chips to prevent water from pooling around the low-lying areas of your yard. Pour as much of the chips as possible into the area to absorb water entering the area.

Add Some to Your Compost Pile

If you have a compost pile going, you can add some wood chips to it. The brown material is great for air circulation and can help decomposition. However, you should be careful with the quantity of the wood chips you introduce into the compost pile, as they decompose very slowly.

Use the Wood Chips in Your Animal Farm

Do you have animal enclosures like chicken coops, cattle pens, or rabbit hutches? Installing layers of wood chips around the area is an excellent way to improve insulation and drainage around the space. It’s also great for odor control.

Birds like chickens love a dust bath because it helps them clean their feather and eliminate parasites on the skin. The wood chips can serve as cleaner dust for them to bathe in.

However, you have to replace the layer of chips from time to time to keep the animal enclosure neat.

Use the Wood Chips as Bug Control

If the tree you’ve just removed is cypress, pine, or cedar, the chips can serve as excellent bug control. The chips will contain natural oils that will naturally inhibit the spread of bugs and pests like ticks, fleas, grubs, and more.

The wood chips save from the hassle of using dangerous chemicals to tackle the spread of these dangerous pests.

Use the Wood Chips for Purely Decorative Purposes

You can dye the wood chips any color you want and then use them to decorate your walkways and borders. You can use the dyed wood chips to bring some attention to hardscapes and softscapes around your property.

Use the Wood Chips for Grilling

Savvy barbecue enthusiasts soak wood chips in water for some hours and then pour them into the grill to give a smoky flavor to grilled meats and vegetables. Wood chips from different trees have different flavors so you’ll have to do some experimenting to identify your favorites.

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