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What To Do About Exposed Tree Roots in Marietta, GA

You probably don't give much thought to the tree roots within your yard since they typically grow beneath the ground. When they start to appear above the grass, however, it can be both an eyesore and a hazard. Your yard won't look as well-manicured, and the exposed roots can lead you to trip over them. 

This guide explains what to do about exposed tree roots so you eliminate all these problems. If you need reliable tree removal services in Marietta, GA, the team at Top Tier Trees is happy to help. 

What Causes Exposed Tree Roots?

Tree roots grow in the direction where they can absorb the most water and nutrients. After all, these are the necessary components for optimum tree health. You may assume that a tree's roots will expand far into the ground, but if water and nutrients are readily available near the top of the soil, that's where the roots will form. 

What conditions cause this phenomenon? You'll likely find yourself dealing with exposed tree roots due to the following:

  • Compacted soil: Roots can't expand if the surrounding soil becomes dense due to moisture, foot traffic, or other elements weighing it down. 
  • Heavy foot traffic: The soil surface around trees will begin to wither away if people are consistently walking or driving over it. 
  • Minimal space to grow: Planting a tree in confined, small areas usually leads to exposed tree roots since they can't extend very far and will travel to the surface for moisture. 
  • Environmental conditions: You could be wondering what to do about exposed tree roots because of Mother Nature. Rain and wind can deteriorate the soil quality beneath trees. 
  • Aging trees: Growing trees see their roots get bigger in diameter. If a small root lies just beneath the surface, it will eventually break the surface as the tree matures. 

The majority of trees have roots set anywhere from 4 inches to 15 inches beneath the surface. Roots that naturally sit near the top of the soil have a greater chance of appearing above the surface. 

The Dangers of Exposed Tree Roots

If you notice tree roots starting to pop up in your Marietta lawn, don't wait to address them. This issue poses significant dangers for you and the tree. 

Perhaps the most obvious danger is the fact that exposed roots become major tripping hazards. The ground becomes uneven, and if you aren't paying attention, you can stumble because of a protruding root. Your lawn mower and other landscaping equipment can face damage when you run them over the hard root. 

A well-nourished tree adds vibrant beauty to any outdoor space. Exposed tree roots become vulnerable to injury either by yard equipment or excessive foot traffic. When the root faces damage, pests and disease can take hold of the tree and lead to bark decay. 

You need to know what to do about exposed tree roots to avoid long-term damage to the structure. If pests or diseases severely penetrate the tree, the only solution is to remove it. Tree removal services can be expensive and change the entire look of your lawn, so take measures to maintain healthy trees with covered roots. 

How To Address Exposed Roots in Marietta

If you notice tree roots are protruding above the ground, the first thing to do is determine the reason why. Is the tree in a small area with little room for root expansion? Do you receive a lot of rain that compacts the soil down? 

You'll have to figure out if the cause of root exposure is something you can change. If it's not, you may need to consult with an expert about tree removal. 

The simplest solution for dealing with exposed tree roots is to cut all the surrounding grass so only dirt is visible and then place a thick layer of mulch around the tree. You want to use organic bark mulch since it easily lets moisture flow down to the roots. Add a layer that's about 3 inches thick around the base of the tree while leaving some space around the trunk. 

You can also contact a local tree service about repairing compacted soil. Experts use an air excavation tool to loosen the soil so it's less dense. They then add composted nutrients to the soil before filling it back in for optimal tree growth.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Covering Exposed Tree Roots

Now that you know what to do about exposed tree roots, it's time to go over what not to do. Experts note that one of the worst things for a tree's health is to create a "mulch volcano" around the base. While you should cover the roots with mulch, don't pile it up around the tree's trunk since this can actually lead to tree decay. 

Mulch is the only product you should cover the roots with. Adding soil over them can cut off the supply of water and nutrients and put additional stress on the tree.

Paving over the roots with asphalt or concrete is equally harmful. The roots will eventually die because they cannot receive any nutrients, and the pavement's base will shift as they decompose. This creates another tripping hazard since the ground around the tree becomes uneven. 

Finally, don't try to cut out exposed roots or disguise them by planting flowers around them. Damage to the roots impacts the overall health of the tree and may lead to its death. Both the tree and surrounding plants will be in competition for water in the soil if they're too close together. 

Contact Top Tier Trees for Service in Marietta, GA

Now that you know what to do about exposed tree roots, don't hesitate to bring in the experts at Top Tier Trees for professional solutions. Their certified arborists can evaluate the tree's health and determine if you can save it or if emergency tree removal is necessary. Contact their specialists if you experience root damage in trees or similar issues.

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