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What Is Tree Crown Reduction? A Guide for Marietta Residents 

Trees add color and texture to the landscape on your Marietta, Georgia, property. Mature trees provide shade and, in some cases, delicious fresh fruit, but without proper care, trees can become a liability and an eyesore. 

Careful pruning is necessary to maintain healthy trees that don’t create risks during storms or develop harmful diseases that can spread to other nearby trees. Tree crown reduction, the most common type of pruning, offers a targeted approach that only removes select branches. To help you better understand this type of tree care, read this guide from the arborists at Top Tier Trees, Marietta’s reliable tree-trimming experts. 

Tree Crown Reduction Explained 

Experts consider tree crown reduction the most common and preferred method for trimming trees to keep them healthy and prevent overgrowth. Intended for mature trees and ideally done during the winter, crown reduction involves removing foliage and smaller branches rather than significant portions of the tree canopy. Typically, arborists remove about 25% of the tree’s foliage, which thins out the most dense areas of the crown without significantly altering its shape or reducing height. 

Arborists use this pruning method to thin and lift the crown.


Thinning the tree’s crown removes foliage and dead branches from the inner portion of the crown. It eliminates overcrowding and supports more sunlight and better air circulation, supporting a healthier tree. The overall shape of the tree remains unchanged. 


When professionals lift the tree, they remove branches from the lower part of the tree’s crown. Doing this raises the overall crown height and allows more air and light to reach the lower branches. Lifting is often necessary when trees grow over sidewalks and streets.

Tree Crown Reduction vs. Tree Topping 

Tree crown reduction isn’t ideal for every tree. Sometimes, you need to remove more of the canopy from a severely damaged or diseased specimen to save it. 

Tree topping removes most of the tree canopy, leaving only the lateral branches. However, removing too much foliage can also cause the tree to die from malnourishment since it lacks enough foliage to feed itself. 

Tree topping also increases the risk of disease, pest infestations, sunburn, and bark damage. Because of the potential that it could kill the tree, most arborists reluctantly perform this service, preferring to reduce the crown or remove the tree altogether instead. 

What Is Deadwooding? 

If your tree has a few dead, dying, or damaged limbs, deadwooding service removes them to prevent the spread of disease or the risk of dead limbs falling during a storm. 

When you call an arborist or tree surgeon about tree concerns, they will climb to the tree crown and inspect the limbs. Sometimes, a single problematic branch is actually just a symptom of a more widespread issue that requires more extensive pruning or tree topping. You can know for sure by having a professional evaluate the tree and make recommendations. 

The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction in Marietta

Taking care of the trees on your Marietta property does more than preserve its aesthetics. 

Other benefits of tree crown reduction include the following: 

Reduce Stress 

Removing some branches from the top of the tree eliminates extra weight, reducing the burden on the tree. Lighter branches are less likely to break or fall off, which can stress the tree and cause damage or injuries. 

Reduce the Risk of Disease and Pest Infestations

Creating more space between branches at the top of the tree increases the sunlight and air circulation necessary to support growth. This process also ensures the tree doesn’t succumb to rot caused by fungi that thrive in excessively moist areas. While pruning, the arborist will also look for disease symptoms and remove affected branches.  

Increase Fruit Production

If you have fruit trees, thinning out the crown can help increase fruit production by providing the tree with adequate nutrition. Too many branches create competition for space and food among fruits, but trimming ensures large, sweet, and consistently ripe apples, pears, cherries, and other fruits. 

Let Top Tier Trees Take Care of Your Marietta Property 

Because improper pruning can do more harm than good, leave this job to experienced professionals who can identify the best branches to cut without causing stress by removing too much foliage. In Marietta, Georgia, contact the team at Top Tier Trees, the local company with a reputation for five-star service and expert tree care. If you need help saving a dying tree or want to preserve the healthy trees on your property with tree crown reduction, get in touch with Top Tier Trees.

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