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What Causes the Bark To Fall off Trees in Marietta, GA?

Finding large strips of bark at the base of your tree can be alarming. What causes the bark to fall off trees in Marietta? 

In some cases, bark shed may be part of your tree’s natural growth cycle. Other times, it may indicate problems with your soil quality, root system, or the tree itself. Tree removal experts in Marietta, GA, outline everything you need to know about why bark falls from trees.

Consider the information below, then book a consultation with an arborist you can trust.

Is Bark Shed Normal?

Bark is a protective layer of dense phloem and cork cells that coats the side of the tree. It helps your plant resist weathering and impact damage as it matures.

Many trees in Marietta experience bark shedding as a normal byproduct of growth. For example, pine trees, hickory, and silver maple all shed loose bark as their trunks expand in size.

Still, it’s important to understand that tree bark does not grow back. Minimizing loss during your tree’s juvenile stage is an excellent way to protect it from pests, infections, and fungi as it ages.

Bark Shed During Seasonal Changes in Marietta

High temperatures and extreme seasonal freezes can cause your tree’s bark to become brittle and loose. Consequently, your tree may experience excessive shedding during hot summers or bitter winters. Fruit and nut trees in Marietta are particularly vulnerable to frost crack.

Sunscald can infect your tree during the early spring, even as the weather becomes warmer. This problem can manifest as a large wound in the tree’s trunk, surrounded by discoloration.

Most people notice these problems on the south or southwest side of the trunk. These sides experience the highest fluctuations in seasonal temperature. However, cracking can occur anywhere.

Pest Activity Can Cause Bark To Fall off Trees in Marietta

What causes the bark to fall off trees during mild Marietta weather conditions? In some cases, large animals and small insects can have a significant impact on the health of your tree’s trunk. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Deer and squirrels can chip away loose bark by grazing or climbing the trunk.
  • Insects can burrow into the trunk and cause the outer layer of bark to deteriorate.
  • Birds, like woodpeckers, will intentionally break bark to access the softer interior of the trunk when hunting.
  • Some mammals will scratch, urinate on, or bite trees to mark their territory, weakening the outer layer of bark.
  • Some animals may nest in the trunk of diseased trees, increasing the risk of tree shedding.

Fungal Disease in Marietta Trees

Even healthy bark can succumb to fungal infections without proper yard care. Cankers and fungal infections can eat away at the interior layer of bark, causing it to shrivel and fall off.

Most fungal infections appear on the tree as black, red, or brown growths. Dying leaves and falling branches also indicate the presence of a serious fungal outbreak. Anthracnose is one of the leading diseases that lead to shedding bark in Marietta, GA.

Contact a professional — like those at Top Tier Trees — if you discover this problem on your trees. They can help prune and heal affected areas with scientifically proven methods.

Trees That Are Vulnerable To Bark Loss

Many trees in Marietta are vulnerable to bark peeling. Pine, maple, and oak trees — despite their reputation for being thick and long-lasting — can succumb to bark disease in just weeks. It’s important to monitor these trees, especially in their maturity.

Maple and oak trees tend to grow to high altitudes. Pests and weather damage may exist where you cannot reach. It’s a good idea to hire a professional arborist to treat your plant for the best results. 

Peeling bark on pine or oak trees does not necessarily mean that they are dying. However, ignoring these problems can lead to irreversible damage and decay.

Protect Your Yard With Top Tier Trees in Marietta, GA

Don’t let fungal disease or pest activity cause your tree’s bark to fall off. At Top Tier Trees, specialists are standing by to provide unmatched care year-round. These arborists can prune, trim, and remove your tree for optimal yard protection and healthy plant growth.

Do you notice your tree leaves turning brown out of season? It may suffer from the aforementioned problems. Top Tier Trees will arrive quickly to assess your lawn and deliver five-star service at affordable rates.

Learn more about what causes the bark to fall off trees in Marietta, GA. Contact Top Tier Trees today. 

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