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Here’s a look at our story and mission.

Top Tier Trees was created from David’s passion for the arboriculture industry, our shared entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to create jobs in our community for individuals to serve and thrive. David enjoys staying up to date on industry standards and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction – you’ve never met someone who takes as much pride as David does in our 5-star reviews! Mandy loves all the nuances of building and growing the company – customer service, sales, marketing, team development and financial management. We have built this company on a foundation of trust, excellence, integrity, adaptability, and generosity.

We aim to achieve these core values in the environment that we provide for our team and how we serve our customers.

Top Tier Trees is a vertically integrated organization in the urban forestry industry serving clients who value integrity and excellence. Top Tier Trees was founded with a goal of creating careers to shape lives of young men and women by setting an example of expecting excellence, contributing to our community, and treating each other like family. We aim to provide a sustainable and generous workplace for our employees. Top Tier Trees aspires for growth to make a positive financial and ethical impact on our team and community.