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Stump Grinding — What, Why and How…

Once a tree has been removed, the next step is stump grinding. We take great pride in operating one of the premier stump grinders on the market to offer a thorough final product which includes grinding the tree stump up to 14” below the surface. Additionally, you can expect a blown and raked top finish leaving behind mulch and debris. All of these details are extremely important if you are planning to repurpose the area for planting or sod installation.

Standard stump grinding is typically just an aesthetic grind, only taking the stump down to the surface a couple of inches, and neglecting to take the time to ‘chase the roots’ to fully remove the area from signs of the removed tree. If there is no intention of using the area in the future that may be fine but typically a more thorough final product is desired and often homeowners don’t know to ask.

Our equipment and operator are versatile and capable to gain access to all types of properties be them commercial or residential. With our compact equipment, we can access most backyards through gates and we come prepared with mats to lay down on your grass to protect the area where the machine travels. Another interesting tidbit is that our stump grinder is operated completely via remote control, and it can be fun to watch the equipment be put to work (especially for little ones).

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