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Should You Trim Lower Branches on Your Marietta Trees?

Planting a few beautiful trees around your Marietta, Georgia, property is a fantastic way to enhance its curbside appeal. However, overgrown lower branches can adversely affect your exterior’s appearance while making it difficult to mow and maneuver around the tree. Many homeowners don’t know if they should trim lower tree branches or if it will negatively impact the tree’s well-being.

So, should you trim lower branches on trees? Top Tier Trees is here to explain everything you need to know about the subject.

Top Tier Trees is Marietta’s professional tree trimming service. If you want your property’s trees to look their best without spending a small fortune, contact Top Tier Trees. 

What Is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is a common aesthetic practice that improves a tree’s appearance. It consists of removing several branches from the tree that interfere with your property, the tree’s health, and more. It eliminates dead, diseased, broken, and overgrown limbs while providing several other benefits to the tree, as well as your property.

Although most people understand that trimming branches right below the tree’s canopy won’t harm the tree, some don’t know if they can prune lower limbs. So, should you trim lower branches on trees? Absolutely.

Trimming overgrown lower tree limbs will heighten a tree’s appearance while promoting optimal growth and form. It also makes it easier to move under the tree while reducing the chances of injuries and property damage. It’s a relatively simple yet essential part of tree maintenance and will help your property reach its true visual potential.

Benefits of Trimming Lower Tree Branches in Marietta

Trimming low branches, also called limbing up, offers much more than improved aesthetic appeal. It provides several other benefits that help your trees be the best they can be. Below are just some reasons you should trim your trees’ lower branches.

Promotes Healthy Trunk Development

Every tree needs a robust trunk that will withstand harsh weather and strong winds without issue. Trimming lower tree branches promotes healthy trunk growth, helping the tree thrive as it develops. A durable and sound truck also prevents growth defects, allowing the tree to maintain its natural shape.

Makes Lawn Care Faster and More Efficient

Low-hanging limbs can prevent the sun's rays from reaching your lawn or plants growing underneath the tree. This disrupts growth and can take away from your lawn’s visual appeal. Lower limbs can also make it very difficult to mow underneath your tree, making the process more strenuous than necessary. 

Trimming lower branches will help grass and plants under them grow and flourish while making mowing much easier. It will also prevent you and your family from running into tree limbs, helping prevent injuries.

The Best Time To Trim Lower Tree Branches in Marietta, Georgia

Although you can trim trees throughout the year, it's best to wait until winter or early spring. 

Trimming at these times can make the process easier since the tree won’t have excess foliage obstructing your view, ensuring more accurate cuts. It also gives the tree enough time to heal before it exits dormancy and starts to flourish during late spring and summer. Furthermore, winter and early spring trimming diminish the spread of illnesses and diseases that could jeopardize plant health.

If you have young trees, give them time to establish their roots before trimming their lower branches. You want to wait three to five years before pruning the tree to ensure the process won’t interfere with its development.

Also, never remove more than 20% to 25% of your tree’s canopy within a year. This can cause numerous issues for the tree, including:

  • Enhances tree stress
  • Prevents the tree from flowering and producing food
  • Drastically slows growth 
  • Can kill the tree in certain situations

Quality tree trimming requires immense accuracy and specific techniques most homeowners don’t know or understand. That’s why Marietta residents trust Top Tier Trees for all their residential and commercial tree trimming needs. If you want premium tree trimming without the premium rates, contact Top Tier Trees.

Contact Top Tier Trees for Outstanding Tree Services in Marietta, Georgia

Next time you wonder, “Should you trim lower branches on trees?” contact Top Tier Trees. Its arborists have vast experience trimming, shaping, and nurturing trees and will ensure your property looks better than ever at a price that fits your budget. Whether you need to cut tree limbs over your house or want to remove a dying tree, Top Tier Trees has you covered.

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