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Is It Time To Get Rid of The Trees In Your Yard?

Trees in our yards provide many benefits, such as shade and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, trees don't last forever. They can die and if left standing, become a liability for property owners. Removing dead trees is a part of responsible property ownership. There are signs to look for with tree removal.

No New Leaves

The first sign is if the tree isn't producing new leaves or buds in the spring. This lack of growth clearly indicates that the tree is dying or has a disease. Dead branches can pose a hazard since they break easily. If you notice that your trees aren't producing new leaves, it's a good idea to contact a tree company.

Weak Branches

If you notice weak branches, discolored leaves, or fungus growing from exposed roots, these could be signs of a damaged root system. Another thing to look for is if the ground around the base of the tree is lifted. A healthy root system is vital to the stability of the tree.

Tree Decay

If you notice apparent decay on the tree trunk, this could indicate internal decay within the tree. A strong storm or high winds could cause a tree to fall and cause property damage or pose a danger to anyone nearby. Look for vertical cracks, peeling bark, or any open areas on the trunk.


Too many trees on a property prevent the growth of your lawn or other plants. Too many trees can lead to overcrowding and provide too much shade. Thinning out the trees on your property will prevent this issue from occurring.


Small trees grow into large trees that might end up being in a bad spot on your property. If the tree is too close to your home or power lines, this can pose a hazard. Roots can damage the foundation of your home and result in expensive repairs. If you're unsure about tree removal on your property, contact an arborist or professional tree service.

It's more practical to contact a professional when removing dead trees from your property rather than trying to do it yourself. A tree removal service can safely remove trees from even the most challenging locations on a property. Sometimes, the tree may only need branches trimmed. An interesting fact about tree trimmers is that over 95% are men, with only 4.8% being women, according to Zippia. Call Top Tier Trees today if you suspect you're having tree issues.

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    • My favorite tree service crew! I rank Top Tier high for their safety and professionalism. Did removal & stump grinding last year, and called them again for tree service this year. David shared vital info about my trees. Chaz and Erin have been great to work with. The tree svc crews work very well together on site; a pleasure to watch. I'd call them again

      -Frank Maina, GA
    • Wow, great customer service, promptly returned my calls and had Erin, a sales and customer service representative out within 2 hours. I was very happy with the quote so we wanted to get started right away. Their was an opening in their schedule and had a crew at my house all before noon on Friday. Very fast and efficient, i could not be more pleased.

      - Robin Chitwood, GA
    • Outstanding & professional work! We had 7 trees removed & the crew did an excellent job from start to finish. They even trimmed a few branches that needed trimming. Clean-up was great. The crew introduced themselves & engaged with us throughout the job.

      -Jean B.Marietta, GA
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