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How to Cut Tree Limbs Over Your House in Marietta

Thriving trees bring enormous benefits to a property in Marietta, Georgia, and anywhere else. The trees shield your house from Georgia’s skyrocketing summer temperatures and provide cool shade during the day. However, tree limbs that grow too close to a house cause all sorts of problems. 

In this post, Top Tier Trees walks you through how to cut tree limbs over your house without risking an injury or damaging your roof. However, in reality, leaving it to the professionals harnesses years of real-world experience in Marietta's professional tree trimming business and is the safer choice.

Important Reasons to Remove Tree Limbs Hanging Over Your Marietta House

No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a huge tree limb falling through the roof. Even if the branches hanging over your house are small, they can cause significant damage. 

Here are some reasons removing overhanging tree branches is always a good idea:

Prevent Mold and Algae

As seasons change, tree limbs hanging over your house will drop their leaves onto your roof. As the leaves decay, they create the perfect environment for algae and mold growth. You’ll see dark stripes as algae and mold thrives on your roof and erodes the shingles.

Maintain Your Gutter System

Your gutter system catches rainwater and moves it away from your home, preventing structural damage during Georgia’s rainy season. However, small branches and leaves easily clog your gutter system if they build up. With a blockage, you could end up with moisture damage and mold issues.

Prevent Rodent Infestation 

Branches hanging near your roof give squirrels, mice, and countless other creatures an easy route into your home. They simply run up the tree and down the branches, running amok on your roof and making their way inside. In particular, rodents love to relax in the comfort of the attic insulation as they gnaw away at wood, insulation, and everything else long before the exterminators arrive.

Safely Remove Nearby Tree Limbs

When you research how to cut tree limbs over your house in Marietta, you will soon agree that the safest decision is to call a professional arborist. Different trees require different pruning methods, and an experienced arborist knows how to handle the specific needs of each tree species.

The Process That Professional Arborists Follow for Pruning

Professionals like Top Tier Trees will always take the time to gather the tools they need before they start pruning, including the following:

  • Eye protection
  • Chainsaw
  • Rope
  • Sturdy ladder
  • A team to help

Experts always advise against standing on a roof to cut branches. Instead, they will carefully climb into the tree, tie the rope around the branch to be cut, and loop the rope over a higher branch so it doesn't fall onto the roof once it’s cut. They’ll give the end of the rope to a reliable helper so that they can keep the cut branch off the roof.

Once they’re in a secure position, they’ll locate the branch collar (where the branch connects to the tree trunk). They’ll start cutting from the bottom, about an inch away from the branch collar, and a little less than halfway through. Next, they’ll cut from the top down, but not all the way through. 

The weight of the branch should finish the job once they’re out of its way.

Know When to Call a Professional Arborist in Marietta, GA

Cutting tree limbs that hang over your house can be dangerous. The larger and higher the limb, the more difficult it is to safely remove it without damage or injuries. That’s why a professional arborist’s safety equipment presents the only way to complete the job without incident.

You may feel confident about how to cut tree limbs over your house, but you could end up falling or worse. Bad tree pruning will also kill the tree, so it’s better to leave it to skilled members of the Georgia Arborist Association, like Top Tier Trees. The team will leave you with a correctly trimmed tree that doesn’t run the risk of damaging your roof in Marietta, Georgia.

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