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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? Factors to Consider

Trees are a crucial part of home landscaping. They add beautiful natural elements to any yard, provide shade, and function as homes for wildlife like squirrels and birds. 

Despite their beauty, there are many situations where you may need to remove a tree from your yard. Whether due to overgrown branches or a trunk broken by a storm, homeowners wonder, "how much does tree removal cost?"

Understanding the various factors that impact tree removal costs can help you choose the best tree removal service in Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas. Avoid landscaping damage or injury by hiring professionals to do the job.

Primary Factors in Tree Removal Cost

The primary factors impacting the cost of tree removal are the size, condition, and location of the tree itself. 

Location and Accessibility

One of the most significant determinants in tree removal price is its location and accessibility, which can alter the cost by 25 to 50 percent. A tree with branches extending over your home will be far more expensive to remove than an isolated tree. Removing trees crammed in small spaces or hard-to-reach places will also cost more.


Tree height plays a significant role in removal price. Generally speaking, small trees are those below 30 feet high and will be less expensive to remove.


Trunk density and the weight of your tree correlate to its diameter. In some cases, the thickness of the tree will impact the price more significantly than the height. Removal professionals may need to cut small, thick trees into smaller pieces to remove them.

Tree Species

Since tree species have different heights, girths, root systems, and branch complexity, this is one of the critical considerations in removal costs. Tall, thin tree species like Palms or Aspens will cost less than a Pine with a thick trunk and complex root system.

Tree Condition

The tree's condition will affect the hazards present during removal, impacting cost. Since rot or other decay can increase the risk of a branch breaking and damaging property, extra precautions are necessary to execute the removal safely.

Geographic Challenges and Conditions of Georgia

Certain areas of Georgia will have different geographic conditions or community standards that impact the cost of tree removal. Some neighborhoods may have rules about maintenance work or government regulations that cause additional costs, while rural areas might incur additional charges for travel and equipment transport. 

Number of Trees

The number of trees you want to remove from your yard will impact the price. However, removing every tree at once may be more cost-effective than splitting it into different removal processes.

Emergency Tree Removal

Planned removal is far less expensive than emergency tree removal. However, there are many instances where emergency removal is necessary to protect your home or yard. While paying more for essential emergency services may seem frustrating, receiving last-minute tree removal is costly and complicated for the removal company.

Additional Factors Impacting Tree Removal Cost

Beyond the primary factors impacting tree removal cost, you may incur other expenses due to the corollary work needed to restore your yard's condition. Knowing these costs is essential to obtaining a holistic picture of tree removal costs. Thus, it's possible to provide a more precise answer to the question, "how much does tree removal cost?"

Stump Removal

Many homeowners don't realize that removing the tree is only one part of the equation. Likely, your tree removal company will not automatically remove the stump after removing the trunk and branches. However, stump removal is essential to provide your landscaping with a clean slate.

Stump removal can cost anywhere between $150 to $500, depending on the stump's age, size, and condition. The nearby ground and root system also impact this cost.

Landscaping Adjustments

Not every tree removal job is the easiest. While removal technicians strive to remove trees without damaging any part of your yard, you may require some supplementary landscape cleaning and adjustment services. These services can range significantly in cost.

Debris Removal and Cleanup

Similar to landscape adjustments, the amount of cleanup needed after the tree removal process will significantly impact the total cost of the job. However, removing all the small branches and debris around the area ensures the space is ready for new trees or foliage. 

Fallen or Broken Trees

Dead and living trees cost basically the same to remove beyond the difference in methodology. However, a fallen dead tree will be significantly less expensive to remove. These trees can cost anywhere from $75 to $150 less than living trees.

Wood Chipping and Log Splitting

Most homeowners don't realize that after removing a tree, it's often necessary to either chip it or split it into logs. These additional services have costs that can add up to $50 to $100 per tree, depending on what you request. However, log splitting might be worth this additional cost for some Georgia homes.

Average Price Based on Tree Type

While all these factors can impact the cost of removing a tree, different species have average removal costs that help homeowners understand the expense necessary to remove their trees. Below are some of the average prices of removing the top three most prevalent tree species for Georgia homes:

  • Maple trees: Maple trees are very popular and can grow to tremendous heights with age. Therefore, the range of removal prices for these trees is between $250 to $2,000.
  • Oak trees: With an average of about $800 to remove, oak trees are one of the more consistently priced trees to remove.
  • Pine trees: On the cheaper side of tree removal, pine trees can cost anywhere from $250 to $1,500 to clear, depending on the size and age.

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