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How Excessive Pruning Harms Your Trees in Marietta, GA

Pruning your trees offers a great way to keep them full and healthy. However, remember that you can damage them if you don't use care during the process. Learn how excessive pruning can harm your trees and lead to long-term damage. 

Reach out to tree-trimming experts in Marietta to maintain the health of your trees. With the right approach, pruning your trees will keep them vibrant and full. This guide uncovers some of the risks associated with over-pruning your trees. 

Too Much Sun Exposure

Pruning works to give your tree a better shape by removing overgrown branches. However, every time you cut a branch from a mature tree, it receives more sun exposure. Excessive pruning can result in a common arbor problem known as sunscald

When a tree suffers from sunscald, the bark tissue dies. This changes the appearance of the trunk, so the bark becomes discolored or chipped. Sunscald can lead to a host of other problems, including slower tree growth and the formation of callous tissue around the impacted area.

Let a certified arborist examine your tree's health if you notice the symptoms of sunscald. They can suggest steps to restore the trunk's health for the long term. Solutions include minimizing the amount of pruning you do and keeping the tree hydrated with plenty of water.

Tree Limbs Lose Their Strength 

The tree canopy needs an even distribution of limbs and foliage to support the structure. Too much pruning puts more strain on the top of the tree and may cause the branches to weaken. When this happens, you pose a higher risk of branches snapping due to strong winds or weight from ice. 

Trimming your tree to this extent can also impact the way new limbs grow. The plant can use up all its strength and resources to try to grow a new, full canopy and instead produce limbs that are in poor condition. 

Trees Become Vulnerable to Diseases

Over-pruning the trees on your Marietta property can lead to a slew of common pests and diseases infesting the plant. Remember that every time you cut a branch, you leave the tree with a wound. Doing too much at once can overwhelm the tree and make it harder to recover from the stress. 

Experts recommend limiting the number of cuts you make for optimum tree health. Otherwise, the vegetation may start to decay because of the extra strain. This opens the door for various tree diseases or pests to take over and compromise the health of the tree. 

Another reason why excessive pruning can lead to disease and decay stems from the lack of photosynthesis. Every tree relies on its foliage to produce food for itself and grow effectively. Removing too much of the foliage could starve the tree of nutrients and lead to its decline. 

Trees Start Sprouting Internally

Trimming a tree should help it grow back healthier. However, too much pruning can cause the tree to react by growing water sprouts internally. This gives the tree a way to protect itself after the bark receives significant sun exposure. 

Once your tree sprouts internally, you'll need further pruning to maintain its shape. This extends the problem rather than solving it and turns it into an endless cycle. Avoid all the hassle by carefully pruning select areas and not going overboard. A professional arborist or tree care expert serving Marietta can assess the right places to trim so the tree continues to grow yet maintains a visually appealing shape. 

Higher Risk of Wind Damage

A primary reason people trim their trees is to get rid of low-hanging branches that encroach on their property. While it's important to remove any hazardous branches, you always want to maintain the structure of the tree and make sure it can support itself in all weather conditions.

Excessive pruning along the lower part of the canopy can put more strain on the tree trunk and roots. A strong gust of wind can be too much for the weakened trunk and cause structural damage. The tree could start to lean or even topple over in high winds if you aren't strategic with your pruning. 

Contact Top Tier Trees for Perfectly Pruned Trees in Marietta

Now that you know the dangers of excessive pruning, rely on tree care experts for the job. The professionals at Top Tier Trees have knowledge of the best time to trim trees, the proper techniques for optimum tree health, and more. Contact them today to schedule a trimming service in Marietta, GA. 

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