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Six Reasons Why DIY Tree Removal Is Not Advisable

Trees don’t always enhance our property’s visual appeal. Sometimes they become unhealthy or grotesque, taking away from our otherwise picturesque homes. Although DIY tree removal might seem like a good idea, it poses more hazards than you might think.

That’s why the tree experts at Top Tier Trees put together a guide explaining why DIY tree removal is a bad idea and how it can jeopardize your property and other aspects of your life.

Top Tier Trees is one of Marietta, GA’s most trusted tree removal companies. The team has extensive experience removing and maintaining trees of all shapes and sizes, giving them the knowledge needed to handle any project a homeowner throws their way. If you need skilled tree removal contractors in Marietta, GA, that always prioritize your needs, look no further than Top Tier Trees.

Continue reading to learn why attempting DIY tree removal is not advisable.

Six Reasons Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Tree Removal

Not only is DIY tree removal unlikely to produce the results you want, but it's also dangerous. Here are six reasons why you should avoid it altogether.

1. Tree Removal Is Extremely Dangerous

Although tree removal might seem simple, it’s incredibly dangerous and even poses a threat to trained professionals. Studies show that 100 people die from falling trees each year.

Trees are incredibly unpredictable when they become weak and decayed. Although we can hypothesize where the tree will land, there’s no way to guarantee a safe landing.

Cutting down a tree without professional training heightens risks to the utmost degree, especially if it's large and robust. It can fall on our homes or cars while taking us along for the ride.

Always contact a professional arborist to remove trees safely and diminish the associated hazards. Top Tier Trees plans its approach and has efficient escape routes when things don’t work out as planned. Hiring a professional is the best way to remove trees without jeopardizing your health or home.

2. Lack of Professional Tools

Professional arborists have advanced tools that help homeowners remove trees safely and efficiently. They utilize high-powered chainsaws to cut through large trees and various straps and slings to help guide the tree once gravity takes hold. Most homeowners don’t have access to professional-grade arborist equipment, making the process more strenuous and risky.

Even if a homeowner has industry-leading equipment, they rarely know how to use it correctly. Understanding proper cutting techniques is essential to tree removal and significantly reduces the associated risks. Professional arborists receive extensive training that makes felling the trees safe, effective, and less demanding.

3. Improper Safety Gear

Tree removal requires more than a hardhat and gloves. Attempting to remove a tree without the proper safety equipment enhances the danger, leaving homeowners vulnerable to numerous potential threats.

For example, professionals wear comprehensive safety equipment that covers most of their body, protecting them from falling limbs, airborne debris, sharp branches, and more. They take every precautionary measure possible to ensure they remain safe throughout the process while protecting customers from potential hazards. 

4. Decaying Wood

Decaying wood significantly impacts a tree’s fall zone and center of gravity. If a homeowner doesn’t incorporate decayed wood into their landing calculations, the tree won’t land in the safety zone, putting everything in the surrounding area in immediate danger.

Decaying wood also makes climbing a tree more dangerous. Sitting on a rotted tree branch can prompt it to break, causing the homeowner to fall if they don’t have the proper safety equipment. Unfortunately, many untrained homeowners have trouble spotting decaying tree branches and don’t understand how they impact the landing calculations.

Professional arborists can identify dead or decaying wood and know how to incorporate it into their landing calculations.

5. Property Damage

DIY tree removal doesn’t just pose a risk to homeowners. It can also put their homes, cars, and cherished belongings at risk since they don’t understand how to determine a landing zone correctly.

Falling trees destroy nearly everything in their path. That’s why trained arborists use sophisticated cutting techniques and calculations to guide the tree and create a safe and secure landing area. However, homeowners generally don’t know how to utilize these methods, increasing the chances of property damage.

Property damage can take a toll on a homeowner’s finances. If a tree falls on their home or car, it can cost a small fortune to fix, potentially leaving them in massive debt. It’s much cheaper and safer to hire a professional arborist to handle the taxing tree removal procedure for you instead of spending thousands of dollars on property repair.

6. Taxing and Time-consuming Clean Up

Cleaning up after removing a large tree is as laborious as it is time-consuming. Cutting the tree and root ball into several small pieces and transporting them to a safe location often takes several weeks or longer to complete. However, our tree removal experts can clean the area and haul the tree away in two days or less, allowing homeowners to sit back and relax while we handle all the hard work.

Contact Top Tier Trees for Professional Tree Removal in Marietta, GA

If you need professional tree removal services in Marietta, GA, contact Top Tier Trees. Their professionals can handle all your arborist needs at a price that won’t break the bank. Their dedication to outstanding tree removal is just as strong as their commitment to extraordinary customer care, ensuring you receive top-notch service every time they visit your property.

Whether you need professional tree trimming services or want to learn techniques for saving trees from a lack of water, Top Tier Trees is here for you.

Don’t jeopardize your or your family’s health by attempting DIY tree removal. Contact Top Tier Trees when you need to cut down a tree safely. 

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