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Can a Dead Tree Have Green Leaves in Marietta, GA?

Imagine looking at your yard and finding that the leaves on the trees don't look as vibrant as they used to. The first thought that crosses your mind is whether your trees are dead or dying. Can a dead tree have green leaves, or is there still hope that it will thrive? 

This guide explains everything you need to know about a tree's lifespan and how to tell if your tree is dying. When you find your yard full of decaying trees, schedule expert tree removal in Marietta, GA

Signs of a Dead Tree

It's fairly easy to tell if you have a dead tree in your yard. Dead trees will not have any green leaves on them. The foliage will often turn brown, dry out, and then fall off. However, a lack of foliage can also indicate a dormant tree during changing seasons. 

You'll often find dead branches throughout much of the canopy or notice that branches have begun to fall off the tree. The bark can show signs of peeling, or a colony of pests can surround the tree, both of which indicate that it's dead. You can conduct the following tests to determine if a tree on your Marietta property is dead:

  • Scratch test: The tree may not have green leaves, but if you scratch a small piece of bark from the tree, it could have green, damp tissue behind it. This indicates a living tree, while a dead one has brown, dry tissue. 
  • Flexibility test: Take a nearby branch and gently bend it near the ground. Dead trees receive no nutrients, so the branches become brittle and snap easily. 
  • Bud inspection: Look closely at the tree's buds. They will appear shriveled and dry if the tree is dead, whereas a dormant tree usually has healthy buds waiting to grow. 

While these tests can give you some indication of your tree's health, we recommend bringing in a professional arborist who can diagnose the problem and plan the next steps. 

Detecting a Dying or Dormant Tree

Although the answer to "Can a dead tree have green leaves?" is no, green leaves don't always mean the tree is completely healthy. When a tree dies, it can still have some natural foliage yet struggle to get enough nutrients. In time, the foliage may fall off and force you to schedule tree removal if the plant dies. 

The tree can also possibly be in its dormant stage and losing its foliage because of changes in the environment. You need to determine the health of your trees in order to avoid permanent damage. Having an arborist diagnose the tree with a disease, pest infestation, or other serious issue gives you a chance to save it before it's too late. 

A professional can also let you know if the tree is dormant as part of its natural life cycle. This allows you to differentiate between a healthy, dormant tree and a dying one. 

How To Prevent Tree Damage

Tree care is essential for healthy vegetation in Marietta. Unfortunately, you can't revive a dead tree. The only solution involves removing it and planting a new one in its place. 

Aside from "Can a dead tree have green leaves," arborists often have property owners asking the question, "How do you maintain a tree's health?" The following tree care tips can help keep your trees vibrant and nourished:

  • Schedule professional pruning: Proper pruning promotes healthy growth and an appealing shape. It also protects your Marietta property from damage, especially if the tree has low-hanging branches that encroach on your home or business. 
  • Hydrate the roots: Giving the tree plenty of water will combat hot conditions that can dry it out. 
  • Apply fertilizer: Ensure the tree gets sufficient nutrients with a fertilizer that balances the pH level of the soil. 
  • Surround the tree with mulch: This regulates the soil's temperature and moisture levels while also suppressing weeds. 

Contact the Tree Experts at Top Tier Trees

Now that you have an answer to the question, "Can a dead tree have green leaves on it?" you may still have trouble identifying a dead tree on your property. Let the tree service experts at Top Tier Trees inspect your vegetation and remove any dead trees. With years of experience and proper safety equipment, their professionals are the right team for the job. 

Contact Top Tier Trees to remove hazardous or decaying trees on your Marietta property. Fill out a convenient online form to receive a free estimate for tree service.

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