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February 19, 2024
Who Is Responsible for a Fallen Tree in Marietta, GA?

Is a fallen tree straddling your property line? You're probably wondering, "Who is responsible for a fallen tree?"  As a trusted tree removal company in Marietta, GA, Top Tier Trees can help you determine who's responsible when a tree falls, navigate the insurance claim with you, and efficiently remove it. Factors Affecting the Responsibility for a […]

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January 19, 2024
What To Do About Exposed Tree Roots in Marietta, GA

You probably don't give much thought to the tree roots within your yard since they typically grow beneath the ground. When they start to appear above the grass, however, it can be both an eyesore and a hazard. Your yard won't look as well-manicured, and the exposed roots can lead you to trip over them.  […]

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December 15, 2023
How Far Can a Tree Lean Before It Falls?

How far can a tree lean before it falls over? This is a surprisingly common question since many homeowners have trees in their yards leaning to one side but aren't sure whether to do anything about them. There are a few considerations covered in the detailed guide below, and you can also contact Top Tier […]

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December 1, 2023
How Excessive Pruning Harms Your Trees in Marietta, GA

Pruning your trees offers a great way to keep them full and healthy. However, remember that you can damage them if you don't use care during the process. Learn how excessive pruning can harm your trees and lead to long-term damage.  Reach out to tree-trimming experts in Marietta to maintain the health of your trees. With the […]

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November 17, 2023
Can a Dead Tree Have Green Leaves in Marietta, GA?

Imagine looking at your yard and finding that the leaves on the trees don't look as vibrant as they used to. The first thought that crosses your mind is whether your trees are dead or dying. Can a dead tree have green leaves, or is there still hope that it will thrive?  This guide explains […]

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November 3, 2023
What Is Tree Crown Reduction? A Guide for Marietta Residents 

Trees add color and texture to the landscape on your Marietta, Georgia, property. Mature trees provide shade and, in some cases, delicious fresh fruit, but without proper care, trees can become a liability and an eyesore.  Careful pruning is necessary to maintain healthy trees that don’t create risks during storms or develop harmful diseases that […]

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October 19, 2023
What To Know Before Cutting a Leaning Tree on Your Marietta Property

It’s not unusual to discover a fallen or leaning tree on your property, especially after a severe storm.  Carefully cutting a leaning tree can prevent it from falling onto your home and causing serious damage. Attempting your own tree removal, though, can be dangerous, especially if you have never tried it before. The best way […]

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October 3, 2023
Should You Trim Lower Branches on Your Marietta Trees?

Planting a few beautiful trees around your Marietta, Georgia, property is a fantastic way to enhance its curbside appeal. However, overgrown lower branches can adversely affect your exterior’s appearance while making it difficult to mow and maneuver around the tree. Many homeowners don’t know if they should trim lower tree branches or if it will […]

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September 19, 2023
How Much Root Damage Can a Tree Take on Your Marietta Property?

If you're sprucing up your landscape in Marietta, you might ask, "How much root damage can a tree take?" Top Tier Trees offers comprehensive tree removal services in Marietta, GA. Here, they share what you should know about tree root damage to ensure the trees in your landscape maintain their health and beauty.  How Can You […]

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September 4, 2023
How to Cut Tree Limbs Over Your House in Marietta

Thriving trees bring enormous benefits to a property in Marietta, Georgia, and anywhere else. The trees shield your house from Georgia’s skyrocketing summer temperatures and provide cool shade during the day. However, tree limbs that grow too close to a house cause all sorts of problems.  In this post, Top Tier Trees walks you through […]

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