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Best Time to Trim Trees in Marietta

Marietta, GA, is home to many stunning trees, which help the city achieve a sense of charm and character. However, if you’re a homeowner with trees on your property, you’ll likely wonder when the best time is to prune or trim them.

Tree trimming doesn’t have a single timeframe for you to perform the service. Instead, you must consider several factors to determine the best time to trim trees in Marietta for your property. Use the brief guide below to learn what you need to know about tree trimming in Marietta.

What Is Tree Pruning or Trimming?

Many people often use tree trimming and tree pruning interchangeably. Though they are similar tree services, they are not identical.

Pruning a tree involves the removal of dead branches or unnecessary tree limbs. It may be time to prune trees on your Marietta property because the plants’ limbs are growing in the wrong direction or encroaching on powerlines.

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining the health and attractiveness of the plant. For instance, removing green shoots will help trees thrive and look good on any landscape.

Benefits of Trimming and Pruning Trees in Marietta

When you trim and prune trees properly, the plant can absorb nutrients from the soil more quickly because it won’t expend energy on unnecessary, dead, or dying limbs. Strategic pruning allows the plant to take in more sunlight. The tree service also stimulates growth.

This vital tree maintenance will also allow you to notice and remove dead, dying, or infected branches with damage from disease, pests, and storms. Your property will look more appealing and be safer due to the reduced risk of hazardous limbs falling or affecting nearby streetlights overhead utility lines.

Best Tree Trimming Timelines in Marietta for Various Tree Types

Ideally, you should schedule tree trimming and pruning services throughout the year to maintain your trees’ health. Routine maintenance will also ensure that passersby and people on your property remain safe against potentially dangerous trees. However, there are occasions when getting the tree service is best during a specific time.

Summer Pruning

You can perform tree pruning during the summer, especially if you want to correct the tree’s growth pattern. Summer pruning is especially beneficial for defective or heavy limbs with too many leaves. Consider scheduling the service right after its seasonal growth to remove branches strategically to redirect where the tree is growing.

When you remove a particular number of leaves from a tree after the start of its summer growing season, the tree will grow more slowly. The plant won’t have as much food from the leaves to send to its roots to promote growth.

Winter Pruning

One of the best times to trim most trees is the winter because the plants are dormant. Plants like oak trees, spruces, and cedar trees won't begin growing until spring. With the appropriate trim, your trees will develop a burst of vigorous new growth when the leaves emerge.

Though trees are often dormant during the winter, remember that some species like the Birch and Walnut trees could expel sap from a cut. The presence of sap from a wound isn’t harmful to the tree, and it should stop once spring arrives and leaves sprout. If you time your tree trimming to occur during late winter, the tree’s wounds will heal faster as temperatures warm.

Young Trees

Trimming a young tree requires more care and consideration to ensure long, healthy growth. Ideally, you should contact a tree service to inspect and trim young trees at least once a year or every six months.

The process will promote a strong foundation for which the tree can grow. It also helps prevent large wounds that could lead to disease and pest infestations.

Flowering Trees

Tree trimming can encourage thriving blooms in flowering trees. However, you should schedule the service according to your plant species’ growing seasons.

For instance, if your trees have spring blossoms, wait until all the flowers are gone to cut any branches. Flowering trees with mid to late-summer blooms should receive trims during early winter or spring.

Trimming Evergreens

Many Marietta properties have evergreens or conifers, which don’t require much trimming. However, if your trees can benefit from the service for health or aesthetic purposes, it is best to do it in early spring.

Unlike most trees, evergreens are dormant in the spring. It is best to trim them while they remain dormant, either during the early part of the season before the new growth starts or immediately afterward. You could also trim evergreens in the middle of summer when they are semi-dormant, but it’s best to do the job in the spring when the new growth quickly fills in.

When to Avoid Tree Trimming in Marietta

Though you should pay attention to your trees throughout the year, it is best not to cut your trees during the fall in Marietta. Fall is when most trees begin to enter dormancy. Because pruning encourages growth, cutting branches in the fall while the plant is trying to go dormant will prevent it from hardening before the winter frost.

Trees nearing dormancy have slower healing times. Because they cannot harden before withing if you schedule fall season tree trimming service, you risk your trees developing fungal diseases. It is better to wait until all the leaves are off your trees to ensure that it is dormant and safe to cut.

Choose Top Tier Trees as Your Tree Trimming Service

Knowing the best time for tree trimming will ensure that your Marietta trees stay healthy and beautiful for years to come. However, it takes skill to prune or trim trees, so contact the professionals at Top Tier Trees, the top-rated tree service for Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Atlanta, Roswell, Dallas, East Cobb, Smyrna, Woodstock, Buckhead, and more.

Our experienced team utilizes the highest customer service standards and the latest arboriculture practices. As a family-owned and operated company, our knowledgeable arbor representatives know the best time to trim trees and remain safe. We have the expertise and equipment to handle any size job, including 24/7 emergency tree service.

Contact Top Tier Tree today at 678-910-0066 and request a free quote in Marietta, GA, for quality tree trimming that you can trust.

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