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8 Situations That Call for an Arborist Consultation in Marietta, GA

Trees provide true beauty and elegance in any setting. While these wonders of nature might be sturdy, they only stay that way with regular care and attention. And when potential tree hazards pose a safety risk to the people or buildings around them, an arborist consultation can make all the difference.

Top Tier Trees, Marietta's certified arborist services, shares eight situations that may go more smoothly if you consult an arborist rather than tackle the problem yourself.

#1 Dead Trees

Trees might have an incredibly long lifespan. However, some trees get to a point where they cannot support themselves because of age or other complications. Dead trees will not grow, and as nature takes its course, the remaining organic material will slowly decay.

Dead trees become unsightly, but the main problem is the impending safety risk. Trees that lack structural integrity may fall over or drop their branches onto vehicles, structures, or even people. That’s why it’s crucial for property owners to consult skilled arborists as soon as they notice a dead or dying tree.

The right Marietta tree care professional can also determine whether tree removal is necessary and advise on further steps.

#2 Disfigured Trees

Leaves change color during the fall in Marietta, GA, often taking on truly beautiful, warm hues. But fallen leaves out of season point to serious harm from disease or decay. Tree bark often becomes infected as well.

Nutrient deficiencies that deprive trees of what they need to thrive may cause the following problems:

  • Misshapen or drooping leaves
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Sickly, peeling bark

A certified arborist in Georgia can help you identify the source of the problem and possible solutions. For instance, professionals can apply fertilizer to tree roots to rejuvenate and replenish nutrient stocks.

#3 Pest Infestations

Beetles, termites, and other pests attack trees inside and out throughout properties in Marietta and the surrounding communities in Georgia. By feeding on tree material, these insects and other types of pests cause serious damage. They also cause decay, stealing nutrients from the tree before you even notice they’re there.

Professional arborists frequently handle pest infestations. With the right skills and experience, they can remove insects and fungi from your tree, restoring it to good health. However, prevention matters above all else, so experts highly recommend regular tree inspections.

#4 Tree Removal

Dead trees look strange, but worst of all, they can harm vegetation throughout your property. Diseased, dying, or dead trees also cause structural damage, rupturing roofs or crashing down into the yard. Thankfully, working with professional arborists for tree removal projects ensures a safe and effective process to remove these potential tree hazards.

DIY tree removal is never a good idea—using professionals with high-tech equipment, safety gear, and impeccable expertise ensures the safety of trees and everything else.

#5 Stump Removal

Tree stumps might not pose an imminent threat, but they can detract from an otherwise beautiful yard. They also attract fungi and other nasty substances. 

How do you remove a tree stump? Don’t bother removing a tree stump yourself; schedule an arborist consultation. Georgia professionals can handle stumps of any size or age without damaging anything.

#6 Tree Pruning

Tree branches are vulnerable to damage, especially from Georgia’s inclement weather. Marietta has some intense storms that bring heavy winds and rainfall, which may snap branches. Bigger branches are hard to remove without heavy-duty equipment.

Luckily, arborists undertaking tree pruning projects use these types of tools when they trim your trees, and they can usually remove any fallen items from your yard for you.

#7 Large Trees

Have you planted any new trees recently? All too often, homeowners make mistakes when planting trees. For example, they might choose trees that are too large for the yard or prioritize style over function.

It may take a few years for large trees and growing roots to cause problems like damaged pipes, water lines, and foundation cracks. So, it’s best to check with an arborist before planting.

#8 Advice for Planting Trees

There are countless other concerns to consider when planting new trees. However, working with professionals will ensure amazing landscaping and tree care year-round. Arborists understand important factors like soil and climate and how these affect your trees, so why not take advantage of their expertise?

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The right trees vastly improve your enjoyment of your Marietta property and improve its value. However, there are situations that require professional tree care from experts like Top Tier Trees.If you need an arborist consultation or want to learn more about caring for trees in Georgia, contact Top Tier Trees today!

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