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5 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

A tree can be one of the most unpredictable sources of structural damage to your home. Whether a tree is dead or nearly dying, you must evaluate the signs a tree needs to be removed.

At Top Tier Trees, we can help you determine if your tree is a danger to your property. Contact the best tree service in Marietta at 678-910-0066 for a consultation.

Just a Matter of Age and Time

Trees are beautiful. They enhance a landscape, brighten a view, and are vital to the air we breathe. Trees are essential for our health and well-being.

Unfortunately, as trees age and grow, they become potential hazards. In seconds, weakened limbs can turn into storm-driven missiles and down power lines. As trees grow older, they require care and management to ensure they do not endanger your home or community.

Many people don’t consider care and management when thinking of the lush oak growing in their front yard. People tend to see trees as natural elements, growing however nature determines. However, it is this wild unpredictability that requires careful monitoring.

Homeowner Care and Responsibilities

When planting a tree on personal property, it’s easy to misjudge the proper distance or location for planting. As these trees grow older and taller, homeowners need to recognize the importance of estate maintenance and inspect their trees for issues.

It is essential to plant a tree far enough from a home so its roots will not interfere with the home’s foundation. You must also plant trees away from power lines and property boundaries. If left unchecked, a tree’s growth can impede stop signs or traffic visibility.

5 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Tree removal is a necessity from time to time for various reasons. The following common indicators let us know when it’s time:

Others Tell Us

Sometimes, a kind neighbor knocks on your door to tell you that the tree in your yard is dead and needs removal. Other times, city officials checking power lines and road conditions will prompt you to remove your tree. In the worst scenario, an angry neighbor may start a legal dispute over your tree’s broken limbs damaging their car.

Whatever the case, it is worth speaking to a professional about your tree's condition and whether tree removal is necessary. It is never a waste of time to get an arborist’s opinion if you’re unsure. If tree removal is needed, you may save yourself from many dire consequences.

Visible Structural Damage or Interference

We cannot predict how tree roots grow. We know that the larger the tree, the larger the roots that anchor it. We also know that roots continue to grow in size and thickness throughout the tree's life.

Therefore, you need to keep distance in mind when planting trees. Trees built too close will have roots that develop under these structures. Roots push upward from the ground, creating cracks and uneven surfaces that can be highly unsafe.

When root damage to structures occurs, it is essential to determine the tree's age and the likelihood of further damage. This damage could occur under home foundations, driveways, and streets. You should also consider tree removal when trees start growing in the paths of power lines or roads.

Old trees that appear to have reached their maximum height may not cause further damage. Relatedly, a few upturned stepping stones may not concern a homeowner. However, tree and root damage may still occur regardless of a tree’s age.

Younger trees with many years of growth potential are candidates for removal if early signs of structural damage occur. As the tree grows, the potential for further damage increases with it.

Tree Looks Dead or Unhealthy

Trees tell us when they are dead or dying. Such trees look gray, dry, and brittle.

Other signs of dead trees include:

  • A hollow trunk
  • More dead or dying tree branches than healthy ones
  • No signs of growing leaves or branches

These signs indicate that the roots needed to grow the tree are dead. As a result, they are no longer supplying the nutrients required to support the tree.

Tree Looks Weak or Vulnerable

Trees can get sick, just like anything else in nature. An unhealthy tree poses many dangers as it is weak and vulnerable to further deterioration.

Signs of an unhealthy tree include:

  • Leaning trees
  • Sagging or brittle branches and limbs
  • Weak and brittle tree bark
  • Plant sprouts growing out of the base of the tree
  • Infections from harmful growth such as plant spores

Increased Storm Damage

Young, healthy trees can withstand most mild storms and weather changes. As trees grow older, they become less capable of withstanding storms and weather conditions. As a result, they develop cracking, broken, or falling limbs.

It is time to consider tree removal if increased limb or tree damage occurs with every storm.

Professional Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is not simple. With adult trees, the roots have grown and spread, making them difficult to remove in their entirety. If not brought down properly, large trees can harm structures, people, and power lines.

Proper and safe tree removal requires the help of a certified tree expert. Top Tier Trees has tree removal experts you can trust.

Our team will evaluate for signs a tree needs to be removed. We then assess the size and age of your tree to determine the safest way to remove it. We get the job done quickly and efficiently to bring you peace of mind.

Contact Top Tier Trees today at 678-910-0066 to schedule a tree removal service in Marietta, GA. We’ll help you know more about what arborists can do for you.

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