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3 Signs of Bad Tree Pruning in Marietta, GA

Most Marietta, GA, homeowners want their property’s trees to look their best and increase their homes' curbside appeal. However, many don’t understand how to prune their trees correctly and make several mistakes that diminish their allure. Unfortunately, residents don’t understand the telltale signs of bad tree pruning or how to restore their trees' appearance.

That’s why Top Tier Trees put together the most common pruning mistakes in Marietta, GA.

Top Tier Trees is Marietta’s tree trimming service. Its team offers exceptional pruning services that will have your property looking better than ever at a price that fits your budget. If you want your property to reach its full visual potential without spending a small fortune, contact Top Tier Trees for high-quality pruning services in Marietta, GA.

Top 3 Signs of Bad Tree Pruning in Marietta, GA

Understanding property pruning techniques is critical to maintain your trees efficiently. Utilizing bad practices or the wrong tools can transform a gorgeous tree into an unappealing stump. Below are three signs of bad tree pruning in Marietta, GA.

1. Bad Cuts

Improper pruning methods often cause bad cuts that decrease the tree’s appeal. Although bad cuts come in several from, the three most common are:

  • Stub cuts
  • Flush cuts
  • Heading cuts

Stub cuts leave an unappealing branch stub, making them more vulnerable to diseases. Flush cuts eliminate the tree’s branch collar (a large region near the tree’s base) that prevents proper healing. Heading cuts remove a portion of a healthy branch, making it susceptible to disease and pest infestations.

2. Lion Tailing

Lion tailing is exceedingly detrimental to trees and causes thin, patchy canopies with heaps of interior branches. It puts immense stress on the leaves, creates a potential safety hazard, and significantly reduces the tree’s appearance. Lion tailing also makes the tree less resilient to strong winds, causing extensive damage that further reduces its appearance.

3. Tree Topping

Many Marietta, GA, residents believe tree topping helps trees thrive and is a proper pruning practice. Although some inexperienced tree pruning companies offer tree topping services, it causes more harm than benefits.

Tree topping requires arborists to cut limbs off the tree’s dominant trunk, damaging the tree’s well-being. It’s also very dangerous and can cause significant injuries to homeowners or inexperienced arborists.

Never top a tree or hire a professional service to perform the process. It can cause additional appearance issues and reduce the tree’s overall health.

Contact Top Tier Trees for High-Quality Tree Pruning and Associated Services

If you want to avoid bad tree pruning and enhance your property’s visual appeal, contact Top Tier Trees. Their professionals will help your trees look their best using industry-leading pruning techniques that guarantee optimal results. Top Tier Trees’ arborists understand the best time to trim trees in Marietta and will provide additional tree care at a price that fits your budget.

Give Top Tier Trees a call and see what its team of tree experts can do for you today!

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    • My favorite tree service crew! I rank Top Tier high for their safety and professionalism. Did removal & stump grinding last year, and called them again for tree service this year. David shared vital info about my trees. Chaz and Erin have been great to work with. The tree svc crews work very well together on site; a pleasure to watch. I'd call them again

      -Frank Maina, GA
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    • Outstanding & professional work! We had 7 trees removed & the crew did an excellent job from start to finish. They even trimmed a few branches that needed trimming. Clean-up was great. The crew introduced themselves & engaged with us throughout the job.

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